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[Arma Reforger] Update

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Attention soldiers,

we updated the game today. You will find changelog below. Changelog


  • Added: InventoryItemComponent::PlaceOnGround method to be able to place on-ground items from a script
  • Added: New spawner logic to non-slot vehicle depots in Conflict
  • Added: EntitySlotInfo::GetSourceName Script API
  • Added: SlotManagerComponent::GetSlotByName Script API
  • Added: CharacterIdentityComponent::SetIdentity is now multiplayer-compatible and can be used to change head and body models during gameplay
  • Added: TurretComponent::GetOwner script API
  • Added: AimingComponent::GetInitAiming script API
  • Added: OnAttachedEntity/OnDetachedEntity events on EntitySlotInfo
  • Changed: General art vegetation, clutter, and surfaces cleanup and polishing
  • Tweaked: MPD of WoodenFence_02
  • Tweaked: MPD of BridgeRailingConcrete_01 prefabs
  • Fixed: Teamkill bans
  • Fixed: Mine can be placed on characters (kinematic bodies)
  • Fixed: Data errors in Brick Gate 01
  • Fixed: Settings freeze fix
  • Fixed: Small refactor of item changing replication should fix situations where mine arming animations wouldn't start or interrupt correctly
  • Fixed: It was possible to equip a mine with a gadget if the mine was equipped from the ground
  • Fixed: The player would exit the vehicle through the roof at low server FPS
  • Fixed: 2D sights adjustment didn't match PIP properly
  • Fixed: Bug with forbidden gadget equipping if a weapon isn't unequipped
  • Fixed: Updating playerInfo first, and only then registering player, used to cause missing playerInfo on client
  • Fixed: Trying to pull out a gadget while hiding a gadget after pressing F to get in a turret/vehicle causes the character to hold the new gadget even if it's not allowed, possibly allowing them to walk around and then teleport to the turret
  • Fixed: dying with scoped binos doesn't clear the ADS state
  • Fixed: missing file after reverting
  • Fixed: remove weapon deployment from key-binding menu
  • Fixed: Clearing under barrel grenade launchers via BaseMuzzleComponent::ClearChamber wasn't working
  • Fixed: Player presence isn't registered when switching seats in the turret
  • Fixed: Infinite loop during deleting of EntitySlotInfo
  • Fixed: Weapon script invokers not being called when a character enters a ladder or vehicle or starts swimming
  • Fixed: MPD of WoodenFence_02
  • Fixed: MPD of BenchStreet_01
  • Fixed: wrong GUIDs in destruction prefabs
  • Fixed: Material errors of WoodenFence_02
  • Fixed: MPD issues of SurveyMarker_E_01
  • Fixed: MPD of some prefabsSurveyMarker_E_01
  • Fixed: colliders layer preset
  • Fixed: Campaign - Pre-built living quarters will spawn AIs according to faction allegiance of the building
  • Fixed: Prebuild services not having set correct faction in Conflict
  • Fixed: Fix for the character getting desynced on teleporting out of a flipped vehicle.
  • Fixed: Character doesn't reequip the weapon after bandaging (whether completed or interrupted or performed on other humans)
  • Fixed: Campaign/Freebuilding - Vehicle deployment preview can get stuck if the vehicle depot is deleted when the preview is on the player's screen
  • Fixed: Campaign: Vehicle previews don't show properly
  • Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Tutorial world improperly inherited navmesh
  • Fixed: Pre-spawned vehicle maintenance services not consuming supplies
  • Removed: ReconnectComponent turned off again. It's still unfinished and may cause several issues
  • Removed: PlayerMailboxComponent from PlayerAIAgent, which is part of AICommanding

  • Fixed: GPU crash in clutter instance processing
  • Fixed: Linux DS crash on bleeding particle FX
  • Fixed: Crash with infinite OnUnused on entity
  • Fixed: Crash when closing the game and an AI was using a ladder with a hatch on top
  • Fixed: Crash due to recursive call of Flush requests in cases of connection loss during a shutdown sequence

Server Hosting
  • Added: Param "#/operating/aiLimit" to server config

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