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[Arma Reforger] Update

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Attention soldiers,

We're going to update the game today, expect server downtime between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST. Read about Known Issues on our web. Changelog


  • Added: EntitySlotInfo::OnAttachedEntity and EntitySlotInfo::OnDetachedEntity events
  • Fixed: Conflict - Reconnecting players should now always have the correct saved data applied
  • Fixed: BaseInventoryStorageComponent::GetOccupiedVolume is not taking additional volume into account (#T169255)
  • Fixed: GetClothByArea and IsAreaAvailable functions were not returning the correct slot when passing the parent type class as a parameter
  • Fixed: SetAdditionalWeight and SetAdditionalVolume were not reliable RPC
  • Fixed: Unable to switch items in both hands after mashing the number keys, caused by gadget show/hide animations getting stuck
  • Fixed: AI should no longer spawn inside a tent
  • Fixed: Removing an item from the quick slot with the gamepad resulted in an item slot stretched across the screen
  • Fixed: Spawning on bases with no reverse signal (cannot reach HQ back)
  • Fixed: Input: filter preset from/to combo user binding

Combat Ops
  • Added: ScenarioFramework - Trigger notifications, expanded logic, and implementation to CombatOps Exfil point
  • Added: Task Kill
  • Added: ScenarioFramework - Waypoints for Task Kill
  • Added: ScenarioFramework - Settings for the maximal number of tasks that can be generated
  • Added: Kill hvt task, with hvt soldier classname placeholder
  • Added: Music when extractions starts, some compositions into tents
  • Added: CombatOps - Task Kill to all viable areas
  • Added: Finished Tasks list
  • Added: ScenarioFramework - Proper end screen based on completed tasks and new logic counter features for easier workflow
  • Tweaked: SCR_PopupNotification refactor
  • Tweaked: ScenarioFramework - Minor fixes for the exfil trigger and addition of countdown to CharacterTriggerEntity
  • Tweaked: Exfil trigger countdown notifications, play sound during countdown and removed obsolete ALL_PLAYERS since we have a percentage slider for PLAYER activation
  • Tweaked: ScenarioFramework - Random Percent default value set to 100 as it caused improper spawning chance
  • Tweaked: ScenarioFramework - End screen formatting improvements
  • Fixed: Broken merge of CombatOps_Arland_Areas.layer causing some layers not to be created
  • Fixed: SCR_PopupNotification progress bar timer setup
  • Fixed: SCR_PopupNotification filter reset
  • Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Exfil trigger was not properly decreasing counter and tweaked notification spam
  • Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Edge case for delivering intel task trigger not being correctly assigned which prevented completing the task and icon relocation on the map
  • Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Seeking existing object could not properly retrieve ResourceName of the StaticModelEntity which caused Task Destroy not to register Antenna
  • Fixed: The turning animation keeps playing after turning right
  • Fixed: CombatOps - m_iExtractionCounter attribute was still present even though it was removed from the prefab
  • Fixed: Debug spheres in combat ops
  • Removed: ScenarioFramework - Obsolete extraction counter that is not utilized
Game Master
  • Fixed: Spawn occupants could still be called with shortcuts potentially causing a budget overflow
  • Fixed: When respawn menu was opened while the player list was visible, it prevented the player list from being opened in respawn menu

  • Fixed: Excessive preload requests could lock the player on respawn loading screen
  • Fixed: Updating addons on the Linux server could fail due to the wrong path

  • Fixed: Workshop deleting of local mods and mods from different backend environments
  • Added: Backend - Experimental feature allows us to fix issues with incorrect player counts in the Server Browser.
  • Fixed: Backend - Server Crash when player disappears during auth.

  • Added: Crash Reporter - Crash unique GUID being logged
  • Fixed: Crash when reading specific JSON files
  • Fixed: Crash when adding HierarchicalParametricMaterialInstanceComponent on an entity.
  • Fixed: Crash when starting ragdoll with a weapon in hand that doesn't have a physics component
  • Fixed: Crash in AIWeaponTargetSelector caused by a null pointer
  • Fixed: Crash in AIInventoryCache which was probably caused by dangling callback
  • Fixed: Crash on Game cleanup due to a missing null check.

Enfusion Blender Tools
  • Tweaked: The P3D import dialog now informs the user if Workbench with net API enabled is running, which is necessary for the proper P3D import process
  • Added: New properties to EBT -> Export -> FBX window

Reminder: If you misconfigured your BattlEye server configuration, players now might get kicked. Please follow the instructions on our wiki for proper settings.

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