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[Arma3] Arma 3 Creator DLC: ČSLA Iron Curtain Update 1.1

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Third-party Arma 3 developer ČSLA Studio released a content update today for their Arma 3 Creator DLC: ČSLA Iron Curtain.
Update 1.1 adds new scenarios, factions, vehicles, weapons, clothing, and more.


Update highlights

New scenarios
  • SP mission - Nimrod
  • SP mission - Operation Abort


New and updated factions
  • Fictional Armed Forces of the Midland Coalition (AFMC)
  • Additional units and assets for FIA
  • Desert texture sets for all vehicles (CSLA, US, FIA)


New vehicles and variants
  • Mi-24V helicopter
  • AH-1F helicopter (3 camo variants)
  • MU-90 - armored mine layer based on BVP1
  • RM-51 multiple rocket launcher
  • M113A1 APC
  • M113A2 extended APC
  • M923A1 truck - transport, ammo, repair, and refuel versions
  • M923A1 truck with S280 Shelter
  • M923A1 truck with M2 HMG
  • M1025/M1043 with M2 HMG
  • M1025/M1043 - VhC (sandbag turret protection)
  • AZU - VB and TAI versions
  • AZU - CIV blue texture set
  • OT-64 - VB version
  • V3S DTP civ. - blue color texture set
  • Cator tractor (CSLA, CIV, FIA texture sets)
  • Sarka civ. car - VhC (luggage on the roof, 3 variants)
  • Sarka civ. car - VhC (racing strips and numbers)
  • Sarka civ. car - PO and VB textures + beacons
  • Ada civ. car - VhC (luggage on the roof, 3 variants)


New and updated weapons, weapon variants, and attachments
  • Sa24 submachine gun
  • Sa26 submachine gun
  • M14 rifle
  • Pi-75SR & Pi-75LR pistols
  • Sa61 - new model/textures
  • Sa61 silencer - new model
  • Sa61 - 10 round magazine
  • M16A1 - new model & 20Rnd magazine
  • FAL rifle - bipod attachment
  • M2 bipod for M14/M21 rifle
  • Sa58 - 3D scope
  • UK59 - 3D scope


New and updated clothing and equipment
  • AFMC uniform
  • AFMC Mk6 helmet + variants
  • AFMC beret + variants
  • AFMC vest
  • AFMC boonie hat
  • New model of vz60 cap + texture variants
  • New model of CSLA beret
  • vz.85 Boonie hat with variants
  • FIA uniform WLD 12 (Oak camo)
  • vz85 gear + underarm holster for Sa61
  • Gear with mag pouches for Sa24 & Sa26
  • PASGT helmet + googles
  • vz.28 cap - new CVC helmet model for CSLA
  • DH-132 - new CVC helmet model for US
  • PH-4 - new model of helmet for US helicopter pilots
  • PH-4 (Attack) - helmet for pilots of combat helicopters AH-1 with HSS
  • POP6 - new model of CSLA helicopter helmets
  • ZSh5 - modified model of a helmet for pilots of CSLA combat helicopters
  • Da25 - new model of CSLA smoke grenades (several colors)
  • W3P - new model of CSLA metal detector
  • AN/PRS7 - new model of US metal detector
  • TNT200g - new model of TNT charge & igniter used by CSLA
  • Satchel charge - a new model of a bag with TNT charges for CSLA


New ambience and scenery assets
  • S280 Shelter as placeable object
  • Grey, brown & FIA textures for CSLA ammo boxes
  • All objects / props available in Eden Editor + preview pictures +  stringtable


Various fixes and quality-of-life improvements
The version 1.1 changelog can be found on the Bohemia forums.
The Arma 3 Creator DLC: ČSLA Iron Curtain a is available for purchase on Steam.
Enjoy the free update!
- Bohemia Interactive & ČSLA Studio
Creator DLC is a label for original Arma 3 projects made by third-party developers and published by Bohemia Interactive. It enables external talent to earn a financial reward for their work, while players get to enjoy more quality content. For more information, please visit the Arma 3 website.

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