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[Arma Reforger] 0.9.6 Stable

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Attention soldiers,

We're going to update the game today, October 20th. There will be server downtime between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST. Look at the list of features with descriptions on our website.

Arma Reforger Changelog


  • Added: Prone roll animations (default key Q/E)
  • Added: Adjusted lower crouch stance, controllable with Ctrl+Mouse Scroll
  • Added: Weapon inspection animations instead of IKpose
  • Added: New poses for U.S. Army bandage
  • Added: Unfolding of M16 M203 sights
  • Added: Brake/collision reaction animations for characters in vehicles
  • Added: Animated internal parts to the BTR turret
  • Changed: New animations for flat top ladder
  • Changed: Boonie model was remade from scratch
  • Tweaked: Character locomotion animations
  • Tweaked: Grenade usage animations
  • Tweaked: Hands and arms poses for various weapons
  • Tweaked: Jump animations
  • Tweaked: Reload animations for sniper rifles
  • Tweaked: Death animations
  • Tweaked: Polished swimming animations
  • Fixed: Various fixes and improvements to buildings
  • Fixed: Various typos in road signs and other text assets
  • Fixed: Wrong width on some ladders
  • Fixed: M16 fire selector not being animated
  • Fixed: Ladder setup in Fire Station

  • Fixed: Crash in clouds rendering when using scope twice
  • Fixed: Possible memory leaks of WorkspaceWidget in Workbench
  • Fixed: VME while editing Wheeled_Base.et
  • Fixed: Possible VME in Voice-over-net system
  • Fixed: VME in SCR_VehicleDustPerWheelComponent
  • Fixed: Crash in AIWeaponTargetSelector when AI soldiers enter a vehicle

  • Fixed: Ragdoll positions not synced properly
  • Changed: ADSTime sync turned back on
  • Changed: Optimizations of network traffic related to replication of IK animation variable
  • Added: An improved method for calculating the lag compensation rewind time, improving the accuracy of hit registration
  • Added: Ragdoll state replication
  • Changed: Static destructibles are now using a new system optimized for network traffic
  • Changed: Music Manager had its streaming disabled, previously it was dependent on the TFL_NO_LINK flag functionality, which is no longer supported
  • Changed: Inconsistent behavior of streamable flag in a hierarchy. This information could be lost with hierarchy moves
  • Changed: Inconsistent streaming when changing hierarchy from non-root old or new parent
  • Changed: Turned off network sync of ArmIK, AimIKXYZ, and AimTransXYZ
  • Changed: Disabled streaming for Groups
  • Tweaked: Traversing replicated nodes
  • Tweaked: Network streaming
  • Fixed: Behavior of EnableStreaming(Node)
  • Fixed: Streaming calls potentially still left in their ques after a node has changed the hierarchy
  • Fixed: Server could get stuck on startup with some downloaded mods
  • Fixed: Calling TrySpawnPrefabToStorage on the server would cause a desync on clients

  • Fixed: Clicking on spawn points on the map wasn't selecting them properly
  • Fixed: Selection outline for spawn points when switching between them
  • Fixed: Sight-switching action
  • Fixed: Zeroing should now rotate the weapon properly
  • Fixed: Emissive surface is not working on helmets or reflectors in multiplayer (#T167788)
  • Fixed: Invisible head when dying during third-person weapon aim down sights (ADS)
  • Fixed: Clutter folding and removal on consoles
  • Fixed: Groups in the player list now react correctly to clicking on their name in the left panel
  • Fixed: Gadget ADS not being disabled when opening inventory
  • Fixed: ForceDeath now resets the instigator. This prevents people respawning from being considered teamkills, for example
  • Fixed: Jumping in dynamic stance or changing it now checks collisions of head
  • Fixed: Fire mode switch user action was visible on pistols
  • Fixed: M249 was flying out of hands during weapon inspection
  • Fixed: ADS not being disabled when opening inventory
  • Changed: Create new group moved to Hold N key
  • Changed: The kick threshold changed to 0.3
  • Changed: Entering ADS now cancels freelook
  • Added: Automatically equip the next grenade after throwing the last grenade of the current type
  • Fixed: Rolling in prone wasn't working
  • Fixed: Turning left in trucks was less efficient than turning right
  • Fixed: Incorrect outline/selection icons used for generic spawn points in respawn menu
  • Fixed: Attached parts to equipable items inside the trunk are floating under the vehicle
  • Fixed: Crash on GrenadeMoveComponent if there's no BaseTriggerComponent attached to the entity
  • Fixed: Magazines swapping in weapon inspection
  • Fixed: Heavy depot construction
  • Fixed: Memory leaks in EventHandler
  • Fixed: Double reporting of stall from source to services in the replication system
  • Fixed: Sometimes disappearing character in first person view
  • Fixed: IK settings of the left hand during prone
  • Fixed: AI wasn't able to operate some turrets
  • Fixed: Quick deploy is moved to respawn handler
  • Fixed: Vehicle colliders setup could cause clipping when vehicles were colliding
  • Fixed: Crash on changing zeroing or switching sights when there were no sights configured
  • Changed: Enabled attach/detach user actions for magazines and rockets during weapon inspection
  • Changed: Weapon gamemats tweaked to allow better penetration
  • Added: Character roll mechanics
  • Added: Ragdoll effectors, using energy inputs (#T166662)
  • Added: Sight switching. Uses default ALT-RMB to switch between different sights. Currently available on SVD/PSO-1
  • Added: Weapon action, which enables/disables bipods
  • Added: Blending of hands poses when switching muzzles or using gestures like pointing
  • Added: Sway and recoil on weapons with deployed bipod in prone will be significantly lower
  • Added: Detach scope from weapon action and Attach scope from inventory action.
  • Added: US_AR and USSR_AR loadout configs, added US_AR and USSR_AR loadouts to USxUSSR loadout manager
  • Added: New destructibles system
  • Added: Elevate turret weapon for reloading
  • Added: Ability to toggle grenade launcher or cycle grenade type by reselecting the assigned quick slot
  • Added: Unbind action to keybinding settings
  • Added: Support of currently held gadgets for weapon inspection
  • Added: Possibility to specify additional per item offset when holstered as well as override holstered visibility state
  • Changed: Killfeed system was refactored and integrated into all playable content and notifications
  • Changed: Exhaust effect underwater
  • Changed: ADS, sprinting, and other character controls the logic of interruptions
  • Changed: Configuration of inventory parameters of items, oversized items now should no longer fit into smaller containers
  • Changed: Cameras are consistent with head angles
  • Changed: Character ragdoll handling refactor and ragdoll configuration tweaks
  • Changed: Replaced procedural animations for weapon inspection
  • Changed: Inspection will be disabled on stance change
  • Changed: Character magazine reload is restricted when a gadget is held in the left hand.
  • Changed: Updated radio menu controls and added logic for switching between squad channels
  • Changed: Right Thumbstick (Single Click) toggles freelook, Right Thumbstick (Hold Trigger) focuses instead of freelook while not driving
  • Changed: Stance adjustment and leaning moved from RB + Right Thumb to RB + Left Thumbstick
  • Changed: Sight illumination gamepad rebound to RB + Y to deconflict gadget selection while aiming
  • Changed: Dropping items via RMB when arsenal is open drops them on the ground
  • Tweaked: Zeroing on M60, PKM, M249, RPK74
  • Tweaked: Vehicles suspension and axles configuration
  • Tweaked: Weapon sway
  • Tweaked: Steering curves for wheeled vehicles
  • Tweaked: Lateral friction on wheeled vehicles, M998 gearbox controller
  • Tweaked: Increased explosive damage multiplier for vehicle wheels, hulls, and engines
  • Tweaked: Various tweaks and fixes related to tires and friction, roughness, added dirt road material
  • Tweaked: Truck and APC steering speeds, including recentering
  • Tweaked: Weather simulation, moon position, time of day
  • Fixed: Added test for surface evaluation to fix the cases when the character can fall into tight holes
  • Fixed: Getting out of a vehicle could clip the character into vehicle geometry
  • Fixed: Backpack radio not visible on the back if spawned as initial loadout
  • Fixed: Camera movement when jumping, falling, climbing walls, ladders, and entering/exiting vehicles should now be smoother.
  • Fixed: Frozen fire animation when a weapon was dropped during firing
  • Fixed: One-handed aim modifier will now work properly while playing the pickup item gesture
  • Fixed: Weapon inspection transitions should suppress firing
  • Fixed: The character doesn't get detached from a vehicle being destroyed while getting in/out animation is played
  • Fixed: Joystick and TrackIR input breaking inventory interface
  • Fixed: Turret base movement sounds
  • Fixed: Character collision test now performs against kinematics as well to prevent characters from passing through another character even when an interaction is enabled
  • Fixed: Backpacks and weapons not properly hidden when equipped during switching seats
  • Fixed: If you set your car on fire and die in it, you shouldn't get punished for friendly fire
  • Fixed: Tutorial - Requesting supply truck stage would get delayed due to slow supplies income
  • Fixed: Wrong melee instigator resulting in melee kills counting as suicides
  • Fixed: Sometimes players had to press deploy multiple times to respawn
  • Fixed: Respawning with saved loadout could disable the primary weapon (#T166317)
  • Removed: Timeout for fatigue-based semi-lowering of weapons

Workbench & Modding
  • Fixed: EntitySlotInfo::AttachEntity now has the correct return type
  • Fixed: EntitySlotInfo was not checking if the pivot id was correct
  • Fixed: Copying array when getting the array of objects
  • Fixed: BehaviorEditor memory leaks during reload scripts
  • Fixed: Pitch and roll angle swapped in Prefab Library
  • Added: PerceptionComponent.FindTargetPerceptionObject script method
  • Added: Support of multiple LadderComponent on the same object
  • Added: Generic "-load" CLI param for all WB editors
  • Added: Option to remove your addon from the Workshop
  • Added: Audio & ProcAnimEditor - Group shortcut and menu entry for both editors
  • Added: World editor - An option to show/hide layers without showing entities
  • Added: New parameter for terrain objects material - UseOnTerrainHeightmapShadows - this enables usage of heightmap shadows computed on terrain level for terrain objects
  • Added: Links to documentation embedded directly in Workbench UI
  • Added: It is now possible to invoke EventHandlerManagerComponent events from the script.
  • Added: Created ballistic table configs for all projectiles, generated ballistic table data, and assigned configs to their projectiles
  • Added: Grouping nodes in Behavior Tree Editor
  • Added: World editor - Possibility to reposition entity using drag and drop from Hierarchy window to scene window
  • Added: Added a way to set max decimal length when saving float in JSON format
  • Added: Added a way to write/read the top-level object of JSON when writing an object as the first item
  • Changed: Weather cycles: Added new lightning default configuration to cycles
  • Changed: MultilineEditBoxWidget refactored
  • Changed: Unified FactionAffiliationComponent and VehicleFactionAffiliationComponent
  • Changed: Generating of Navmesh should now be more deterministic
  • Changed: Improved copy/paste functionality in Behavior Tree Editor
  • Changed: ScriptAPI: user authorization for methods that might be harmful (Thanks Arkensor and other reporters)
  • Changed: Current ArmaReforgerWorkbench.exe will be replaced by new ArmaReforgerWorkbenchSteam.exe and in order to launch will require running the Steam app which owns the Arma Reforger Tools app
  • Tweaked: Peer tool properties, added admin password
  • Fixed: Saving animation workspaces that contain vanilla data
  • Fixed: Workbench freeze fix on a combination of prefab preview, world loading, and script debugger breakpoint
  • Fixed: PointInfo could not be used as an attribute in the script
  • Fixed: Refactored PointInfo to fix adding of new WheelPositions in VehicleWheeledSimulation
  • Fixed: BaseMovementComponent::Launch now activates the triggers the launched projectile has
  • Fixed: Very slow heightmap modifications on huge terrains (with possible out-of-memory crashes)
  • Fixed: First editor content browser tab not loading correctly on restart

Game Master
  • Fixed: Restriction zone showing when the player dies out of the zone and spawns within it
  • Fixed: Placing a waypoint on top of another group added the waypoint to the target group instead
  • Fixed: Some manual camera post-process effects used the same priority as character screen effects, leading to a clash
  • Fixed: 'Resupply' context action in Game Master didn't work on other players
  • Fixed: Clicking on the trait icon within the entity card in the entity browser didn't do anything. Now it behaves as if clicked anywhere else on the card
  • Fixed: Arsenal content editing not working on the server
  • Fixed: Compositions snapped to a slot were sometimes offset if other compositions were moved around before that
  • Fixed: Height wasn't calculated correctly when transforming entities above the ocean surface
  • Added: Quick placing bar
  • Added: Added new ping that's only visible and usable by Game Masters
  • Added: In Game Master, the description of system entities (i.e. Zone Restriction) is now shown in the tooltip
  • Added: Logic was added to prevent certain Game Master context actions (such as ping and lightning strike) from being spammed
  • Added: Armavision now allows players to add different types of lens flare
  • Added: Game Master can now interact with objects in the world (i.e., open a door, play the piano, or flush a toilet)
  • Added: Game Master can now instantly fill vehicles with crew and passengers by means of context action or when placing them over a vehicle
  • Changed: Take control AI moved from key C to U to avoid overlapping input
  • Changed: Game Master slot type and slot size filters are combined. Instead of selecting Slot type Flat/Road then Slot size Large/Medium/Small, they're now combined into Small Flat, Large Road, etc.
  • Changed: Editor UI has been shuffled to allow for the introduction of a quick placing bar
  • Changed: When transforming an entity in Game Master (i.e., moving it around with its ghost preview visible), context menu actions are no longer available
  • Tweaked: Sounds when editing layers
  • Fixed: Wind direction is now correctly displayed in Game Master
  • Fixed: In Game Master hovering over an entity that wasn't selected and pressing the "Delete" key did nothing. Now it deletes the entity, taking precedence over selected entities. The same for neutralizing entities by pressing the "End" key
  • Fixed: Transitioning from Game Master to Armavision or back could break camera controls

  • Fixed: Experience should show correctly after reconnecting
  • Fixed: Vehicles spawning into trees
  • Fixed: Control points aren't correctly set up when resuming a scenario
  • Fixed: Errors when resuming saved small scenario
  • Fixed: Tutorial - Tasks are skipped/wrongly advanced when the player dies
  • Changed: Reduced seizing time for coastal bases
  • Changed: Changed prebuilt service compositions to editable versions
  • Changed: Starting HQ selection algorithm
  • Changed: Local player name is now a different color in the playerlist
  • Added: Playerlist enabled for endgame screen
  • Added: New composition for heavy vehicle depot
  • Added: FIA Supply Depots - these can be raided to obtain additional supplies and distribute them to your bases
  • Added: Randomized starting location
  • Added: Respawning on Conflict bases now requires supplies
  • Added: Barracks composition to spawn defenders (in exchange for supplies)
  • Added: Heavy Vehicle Depots
  • Added: Antenna installation - extends radio signal range of parent base
  • Added: Base icons now flash for the entire duration of them being captured
  • Added: Base defenders can now alert others about attacks on their base
  • Added: FIA will now try to retake their supply depots
  • Changed: Conflict winning condition - you are required to seize a certain amount of points and hold them for a given time
  • Changed: Supplies generation frequency in main bases
  • Changed: Requesting vehicles now require supplies
  • Changed: Spawn protection time
  • Changed: Supply depots are no longer automatically prebuilt
  • Fixed: You can no longer capture Coastal bases without a radio signal.
  • Fixed: Possibility to spawn on a base recently captured by the enemy
  • Fixed: Modded factions visualization on the map
  • Removed: Radio capture in Conflict bases - bases are now seized by maintaining a superior presence in the area
  • Removed: Overrun base mechanics

  • Fixed: Multiple issues related to AI turret usage
  • Fixed: AI soldiers didn't try to escape a vehicle that was driving backwards at them
  • Fixed: AI placed in turrets from gamemaster now uses the correct component
  • Fixed: 12.7mm and 14.5mm MG magazines were not marked as usable against armored vehicles
  • Fixed: Move and investigate missing LookAt node
  • Fixed: AI was able to complete the "Move" objective for players
  • Fixed: AI didn't want to exit a vehicle when they saw an enemy
  • Tweaked: After a vehicle has passed by an AI soldier, the soldier will instantly look back at the vehicle
  • Added: AI usage of melee
  • Added: AI reaction to melee attack
  • Added: AI can now throw grenades
  • Added: New AI weapon and target selection system
  • Added: AI now react to vehicle horn
  • Added: Special Attack behavior tree for machineguns
  • Added: Special Attack behavior tree for sniper rifles
  • Added: Find Fire Position behavior, used by snipers when they lose sight of the target
  • Added: Doors that are opening should cause AI to move away from them
  • Added: Weapon ballistic tables, used by AI to better predict aiming point
  • Changed: Split navmesh into smaller files
  • Changed: Create navmesh on sea level instead of seabed
  • Changed: AI aiming moved to the character controller
  • Tweaked: Assigning waypoints to many groups
  • Tweaked: The behavior of an AI healing another AI is more reliable now
  • Fixed: Soldiers not tracking targets while friendly is in aim
  • Fixed: AIs were seeing enemy vehicle occupants through enemy vehicle view geometry
  • Fixed: AIs weren't able to switch weapons in a turret
  • Fixed: Leaking memory in Behavior Tree
  • Fixed: Suppressive fire wrong parameters, aiming point sizes adjusted, aim error calculation distance correction

Player Management & Server Administration
  • Added: You can now cancel your vote for a player after casting it
  • Added: Players who are targets of a vote, e.g., to kick or receive Game Master rights, are now highlighted in the player list.
  • Added: "-autoreload 10" CLI param, where the number specifies after how many seconds a scenario should restart after finishing
  • Added: Reload and missions server commands
  • Added: Command to list all players
  • Added: Player kicks now support timeout, which serves as a ban
  • Added: Bans commands (Ban/Unban)
  • Added: Command to display local player ID
  • Changed: In-game kicking is now based on player ID

  • Added: Protractor to map tools
  • Added: HUD adaptive opacity depending on scene brightness
  • Added: Author blocking and unblocking in the Workshop
  • Added: Adaptive Opacity enabled for a few more GUI elements
  • Added: Control hints for gadget selection on a controller
  • Tweaked: Dragging tools in the 2D map
  • Tweaked: Weapons and muzzles UI information

Topographic Map
  • Added: Bridges visualization
  • Added: Walls visualization
  • Added: Castles visualization
  • Changed: Road rendering process split to have smoother transitions
  • Changed: Export Data plugin feedback updated to a new format
  • Tweaked: Building default parameters
  • Fixed: Contours array management when levels are hidden

  • Added: Depth and direction perception of both shots and explosions improved. Greater emphasis on different environment types
  • Added: Bullet crack sounds for HMGs
  • Added: Caliber-specific bullet flyby sounds as well as UGL flyby sounds
  • Added: Collision sounds for RDG2 smoke grenade.
  • Added: Upper-body movement in water will now cause slightly audible splashes
  • Added: Any character movement inside bushes will now have audible bush rustling
  • Added: Vehicle sinking and leaking sounds
  • Added: Drop sounds for Pistols, Rifles, LMGs, Launchers, Clothes, Vests, Backpacks, Shoes, and Rifle Magazines
  • Added: Sounds for scope illumination and zooming
  • Added: Bipod fold/unfold sounds
  • Added: Thunder sounds
  • Changed: Music Manager refactored
  • Changed: Horn sounds logic
  • Changed: Scale and behavior of the "Dynamic Range" audio setting, now ranging from 0-200%. 0% = compressed mix; 200% = very high dynamic range. In order to hear the new default mix, set it to 100% (as it now ranges from 0-200%) manually, as the new default value might not be set at the first game start
  • Tweaked: Trunk open/close sounds
  • Tweaked: Ambient rain sounds are more intense now
  • Tweaked: HDR and NightMode mix settings
  • Fixed: Issue with respawn menu music continuously playing after respawning

Audio Editor
  • Added: Scattering delay network reverb DSP
  • Added: Priority signal input on sound node
  • Fixed: Volume inheritance from config works properly for filter and sound nodes now

Script API
  • Added: Entity.RemoveChild keepTransform param added
  • Added: Getter of aimpoints in PerceivableComponent
  • Added: Getters for FocusFOV in PlayerCamera
  • Added: Exposed ComputeEffectiveDamage to script. Now incoming damage can be modified before it's applied.
  • Added: Set.IsIndexValid method
  • Added: Array.IsIndexValid method
  • Added: Particles.MultParam()
  • Added: String.ContainsAt, String.IsDigitAt() and String.IsSpaceAt() methods
  • Added: SCR_ParticleEmitter - Create*** methods (to replace Play*** methods of SCR_ParticleAPI)
  • Added: World editor - API function ClearVariableValue
  • Added: BaseContainer.GetDefaultAsString
  • Added: BaseTarget.GetPerceivableComponent
  • Added: Functions exposing Ballistic tables to script
  • Added: Method indicating whether a car has an automatic gearbox
  • Added: GUI based on SCR_InfoDisplayExtended.c doesn't need to handle entity switching by itself. There's now a new interface method DisplayControlledEntityChanged
  • Added: New function to set the ammo count of a magazine, SetAmmoCount
  • Added: TurretController::DoReloadWeaponWith
  • Added: BaseLightSlot::GetLightEntity
  • Changed: SCR_ParticleAPI is now completely obsolete
  • Changed: Particle effect stages functionality moved from SCR_ParticleAPI to SCR_MotorExhaustEffectGeneralComponent and optimized
  • Changed: Script - String.ToFloat() and String.ToInt() now have 3 optional parameters
  • Changed: Script - String.Get() now throws an exception for an invalid index
  • Fixed: OnCompartmentEntered should not get called multiple times for turret
  • Fixed: CallLater did not support overloaded functions.
  • Fixed: Factually incorrect GarbageManager::GetGarbageLifetime comment, added GarbageManager::GetGarbageRemainingLifetime (Thanks Arkensor for the report - #T167252)

Mod Manager
  • Added: Mod manager action for updating mod and downloading mod dependencies
  • Added: Mods presets
  • Added: Mod manager export tools
  • Tweaked: Mod manager auto disables mod that needs dependency if the mod dependency is disabled

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