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[Arma Reforger] Experimental Changelog Update

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Attention soldiers,

We updated the Arma Reforger Experimental today, 6th of October. Read the new changelog below. Read on our website.


  • Added: Crashreporter - Assert reporting
  • Fixed: Crash in clouds rendering when using scope twice
  • Fixed: Possible memory leaks of WorkspaceWidget in Workbench
  • Fixed: Crashreporter DXdiag dialog caused by incomplete args
  • Fixed: VME while editing Wheeled_Base.et
  • Fixed: Possible VME in Voice-over-net system
  • Fixed: VME in SCR_VehicleDustPerWheelComponent
  • Fixed: Crash in AIWeaponTargetSelector when AI soldiers enter a vehicle

  • Fixed: Ragdoll positions not synced properly
  • Changed: ADSTime sync turned back on
  • Changed: Optimizations of network traffic related to replication of IK animation variables

  • Fixed: Clicking on spawn points on map wasn't selecting them properly
  • Fixed: Selection outline for spawn points when switching between them
  • Fixed: Sight switching action
  • Fixed: Zeroing should now rotate the weapon properly
  • Fixed: Emissive surface is not working on helmets or reflectors in multiplayer https://feedback.bistudio.com/T167788
  • Fixed: Invisible head when dying during third person weapon ADS
  • Fixed: Clutter folding and removal on consoles
  • Fixed: Groups in playerlist now react correctly to clicking on their name in the left panel
  • Fixed: Gadget ADS not being disabled when opening inventory
  • Fixed: ForceDeath now resets the instigator. This prevents people respawning from being considered as teamkills for example
  • Fixed: Jumping in dynamic stance or changing it now checks collisions of head
  • Fixed: Firemode switch user action was visible on pistols
  • Fixed: M249 was flying out of hands during the weapon inspection
  • Fixed: ADS not being disabled when opening inventory
  • Changed: Create new group moved to Hold N key
  • Changed: The kick threshold changed to 0.3
  • Changed: Entering ADS now cancels freelook
  • Added: Automatically equip next grenade after throwing last grenade of current type

  • Fixed: EntitySlotInfo::AttachEntity has now the correct return type
  • Fixed: EntitySlotInfo was not checking if the pivot id was correct
  • Fixed: Copying array when getting the array of objects
  • Fixed: BehaviorEditor memory leaks during reload scripts
  • Fixed: Pitch and roll angle swapped in Prefab Library
  • Added: PerceptionComponent.FindTargetPerceptionObject script method
  • Added: Support of multiple LadderComponent on the same object
  • Game Master
  • Fixed: Restriction zone showing when player died of the zone and spawns within it
  • Fixed: Placing a waypoint on top of another group added the waypoint to the target group instead
  • Fixed: Some manual camera post-process effects used the same priority as character screen effects, leading to a clash
  • Fixed: 'Resupply' context action in Game Master did not work on another players
  • Fixed: Clicking on trait icon within entity card in entity browser did not do anything. Now it behaves as if clicked anywhere else on the card
  • Fixed: Arsenal content editing not working on server
  • Fixed: Compositions snapped to a slot were sometimes offset if other compositions were moved around before that
  • Fixed: Height was not calculated correctly when transforming entities above ocean surface

  • Fixed: Experience should show correctly after reconnecting
  • Fixed: Vehicles spawning into trees
  • Fixed: Control points are not correctly set up when resuming a scenario
  • Fixed: Errors when resuming saved small scenario
  • Fixed: Tutorial - Tasks are skipped/wrongly advanced when the player dies
  • Changed: Reduced seizing time for coastal bases
  • Changed: Changed prebuilt service compositions to editable versions
  • Changed: Starting HQ selection algorithm
  • Changed: Local player name is now different color in playerlist
  • Added: Playerlist enabled for endgame screen
  • Added: New composition for heavy vehicle depots

  • Fixed: Multiple issues related to AI turret usage
  • Fixed: AI soldiers did not try to escape a vehicle which was driving backwards at them
  • Fixed: AI placed in turrets from gamemaster now use correct component
  • Fixed: 12.7mm and 14.5mm MG magazines were not marked as usable against armored vehicles
  • Fixed: Move and investigate, missing LookAt node
  • Fixed: AI was able to complete 'Move' objective for players
  • Fixed: AIs did not want to exit vehicle when they saw enemy
  • Tweaked: After vehicle has passed by an AI soldier, the soldier will instantly look back at the vehicle

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