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  1. Attention soldiers, we updated the game today. Visit our website and read about Known Issues. Changelog Game Fixed: Unarmed Soldier would be invulnerable when it was moving Fixed: Character shaking when prone on difficult terrain Fixed: Reloading a turret now forces freelook Fixed: Arsenal did not refund dropped weapons Fixed: Repair tool no longer flies around when moving in unarmed or with grenade equipped Stability Fixed: Possible crashes when trying to get hitzone collider info from entities without a meshAudio Fixed: Turning a turret and getting out at the same time wo
  2. Attention all units, From the beginning, Arma 3 has always been a true labor of love, both for the Arma Team and for our loyal community of players and creators. The amount of effort that has been put into the vast Arma 3 universe of mods and maps is a testament to how far the passion of a community can take a game. We are humbled by your creativity and enthusiasm, and we would be honored to receive your nomination in the "Labor of Love" category! - Your Arma 3 Development Team :hearts: View the full article
  3. Arma Reforger 1.0 Update is here! We invite YOU to begin the new era with us in a Public Play Session! Join our team and the community as we battle it out in an epic Conflict match on the island of Arland. Server: Conflict Arland 11028229 (US-NY) View the full article
  4. Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce the official release of Arma Reforger! As today's launch trailer reveals, this latest installment in the Arma franchise returns you to authentic Cold War combat in a flexible military sandbox. Arma Reforger has been built from the ground up on the all-new Enfusion Engine, bringing additional functionality and more immersive in-game environments to the renowned military simulator. "We are extremely proud of this release. With Arma Reforger, we started from scratch, and have been tirelessly working away to rebuild every pixel, every single line of code,
  5. On Veterans Day, we thank veterans in Czechia and worldwide! 🫡🇨🇿 Thank you for participating in our Veterans Day initiative in partnership with Civilisté děkují za službu. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFOView the full article
  6. Watch Community Manager Niles "Nillers" George act as Game Master as the community takes on missions across Arland. If you'd like to join in, details are below! Server: Game Master Arland - 11028223 (US-NY)View the full article
  7. As we approach the upcoming 1.0 version of Arma Reforger, we must inform you of some changes that will impact modders but are necessary to provide the best experience for everyone moving forward. More specifically, there are many changes in the update that will impact currently published mods. The differences in the approaching release make it impossible to know if every Workshop mod has been updated to be compatible with the latest build. Unfortunately, it’s not within our capacity to fix or check every mod currently available in the Workshop. We know that a significant number of released mo
  8. We have released an Arma 3 Czech Veterans Pack, in collaboration with Civilisté děkují za službu, to honor those who have served or are currently serving in the military. 🇨🇿 We would like to invite our community to create screenshots using this pack of in-game assets. Submissions should at least include the special event logo. It represents the Remembrance Poppy, an international symbol often used for Veterans Days, and the lion from the Czech coat of arms. On Veterans Day (Nov. 11th), we will be creating a collage of the screenshots submitted. The top submissions will receive prizes, as well
  9. Attention soldiers, We released the next Mod Report, a resource with useful information for modders. We'll delve into Script Editor Enhancements, the latest in Ballistic Protection, Mesh Morphs, and many more. Read more here 👇 https://reforger.armaplatform.com/news/mod-report-2View the full article
  10. We have good news for Arma 3 Mac players: update 2.14 for the experimental client ports has been released. Our partners at Virtual Programming have ported the recent platform update, which restores cross-play multiplayer with Windows. It is now also possible to deploy to the fields of Normandy thanks to support for the Spearhead 1944 Creator DLC by Heavy Ordnance Works! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1175380/Arma_3_Creator_DLC_Spearhead_1944/ As a reminder: the game's Launcher is not available on Mac. Please refer to the Community Wiki guide on how to load optional (Creator) DLC and m
  11. Attention soldiers, we updated the Roadmap! We've reshuffled some features and implemented a color coding system to better reflect the game's current state. The Roadmap will be updated with every Major Update, so anyone can take a quick glance and know where Reforger is in its development. Learn more on our website. View the full article
  12. A new Community Radar has commenced its flyby! Check out some fantastic Arma 3 community content: Full COMRADView the full article
  13. FROM: High Command TO: Arma 3 Users INFO: 10th Anniversary, Update 2.14, Creator DLC PRECEDENCE: Flash Full SITREP blogView the full article
  14. Changelog Stability Fixed: Particle lights - possible crash upon world destruction Fixed: Occasional crash when downloading mods on Xbox, mainly when players have some partially downloaded or corrupted addons Fixed: Crashes in SoundMapData Fixed: Newly created entities put into the hierarchy could end up orphaned and not linked at all, leading to leaks and possible crashes Fixed: GPU crash caused by indexing error in clutter preparationWorkshop Fixed: Unable to cancel Report to Author while joining a server Fixed: Addon order could differ when connecting to servers, causing s
  15. FROM: Heavy Ordnance Works TO: Arma 3 Creator DLC Users UNIT: Spearhead 1944 ACTIVITY: Update 1.0.2 SIZE: ~12.4 GB More information in the full changelog https://store.steampowered.com/app/1175380/Arma_3_Creator_DLC_Spearhead_1944/View the full article
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